Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's time for another political post.....

I love politics. I love following all the candidates, listening to what they have to say about the issues. In my mind, the most important issues today are the war in Iraq and the loss of American's personal freedom. I think it's ironic that we go into foreign countries to liberate them so that they can become democratic and thus experience freedom. Then, we pass laws in our own "free" country to take away those very freedoms that we have enjoyed since 1776 because of the wars and "terrorists" in other countries.... But, that's not what this is about.

This is about a really stupid story about a senator from Idaho who unfortunately took a dump in a men's room at the Minneapolis Airport. In case you live on a different planet, you know he plead guilty to solicitation in that incident. He was in a hurry to catch another flight to DC, and didn't want to be detained. Now, I'm a heterosexual female, and I don't have a lot of experience in men's rooms. I did go into one by mistake once in St Joseph, MO. But, normally I use the one marked "women". I also don't have any experience in signals that men use to solicit homosexual acts in a men's room. But, I just read the transcript of the police interrogation of the guy, and I suggest you all take a moment to read it. If for no other reason, it's really kind of funny.

Knowing little to nothing about these things, I think it's pretty funny that because his foot touched the policeman's foot, and that he picked up a piece of paper from the floor led to his being pushed out of the senate. I know he plead guilty. But, don't the police in Minnesota have something better to do with their time? When did it become illegal to accidentally touch the shoe of someone in the next stall? I really think this whole thing speaks much louder about the stupidity of the police in this case. Even if he did put his hand under the edge of the divider, does that confirm that he was soliciting sex? I especially love the part where they ask him if he has had success in this particular bathroom before... and he answers that he uses the bathrooms there quite often, successfully we assume.

I may be the only person in this country who thinks this guy was railroaded by the police. But, to my mind, this was absolutely without cause. I don't know why he didn't fight the charge, but he apparently wanted it to disappear without further embarrassment. So, he paid the fine, and lost his job in the Senate.

And, why oh why was this made headline news for the last week? Don't we have more important things to talk about? Don't we have worse crimes to persue? Why go after this one stupid senator who probably isn't guilty of anything worse that straddling a toilet in an airport, and infringing on the territory of the guy in the next stall? What about the one in Louisianna who had all that cash in his freezer? I think he's still in office. Are the media so lazy they can't do their own research to find other members of the senate or congress who are really breaking laws and taking money from the pockets of the taxpayers?

Good Grief. What has this country come to?